Steps for a Beginner Livestock Farmer to Start In Raising Pigs the Organic Way | Livestock

There’s no doubt that organic vegetables and meat have a lot of health benefits. You can now even buy organic food from your local market or stores which can be expensive. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying organic food an alternative is to farm your own organic food.Because of this growing demand of organic food a lot of farmers are turning into organic swine farming. People are need of knowledge on how to go about farming the organic way and are learning about organic farming from seminars, farming classes and articles like this one.Organic farming is linked to the original traditional way of farming where by pigs are raised in open range farms and are allowed to graze on pastures. When pigs are raised the organic way they are allowed to feed on plants, grass and even herbs which have lots of nutrients compared to grain that is processed from factories. As the pigs feed on these plants they are also exposed to the sun and also exercise in the process. From the nutritious plants being exposed to sunlight the swine become more healthy and leaner.The healthy plants that pigs eat are scattered around the pasture. Some of the plants are guava leaves and lemongrass which help the swine produce juicy and tender meat. Other organic diets that can be given to pigs are buckwheat, barley, flax seed and soybeans. This type of organic food also helps in the pigs digestive and immune system. Before your pigs are butchered you can give corn shots which help in sweetening the taste of the meat.When you raise your swine the organic way you help in eliminating the consumption of animal products and antibiotics that can cause certain diseases and illnesses. When de-worming the organic way to can use garlic instead of antibiotics. This way of de-worming also helps in preventing the worms from coming back. Livestock that is de-wormed this way are less prone to getting diseases.And when getting into organic farming you should be prepared to spend some money in buying organic feeds which are more expensive than conventional feeds. But the advantage of that is that you will make back the money when you sell your organic meat to the market.Don’t forget to proper house your livestock by building a secure shelter. To make it comfortable for your pigs can put hay on the floor and make sure you clean the house once a week and give your livestock clean water.